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1. Self-identification.
Open the Self-Identification System. In the lower frame choose items which are most sympathetic and important for you. Try to define the set of symbols that identify your personality. Fill in the form. Push "Register". The international identification jury appreciates your data and gives you a mark (power of identification). Nobody can explain why you get this or that power. The principles of appreciation are unknown and can be changed from time to time. Maybe the jury is leaded by such phenomena as political correctness or ethnic hatred - who knows? 

Look results. If you are among the best twelve identifications - you are in great luck! Otherwise you have two ways - content yourself with unpretentious results or fight. In the last case open the frame "correct data" and try to find other identification items which perhaps give more success. Be careful. Do not forget that this is the way of conformism.

2. Looking for an authority.
Open the Self-Identification System.  Carefully look through the best twelve identifications. Select one of them which can serve as incontestable authority for you. Write the items down. Try to remember it. Try to understand motives which directed the person who selected this set. Repeat this identification with another name. Compare your power and power of your authority. Draw a conclusion.

3. Duty as authority.
Make sure that you are the member of the best-twelve society. This is a honorable status which at the same time is a complicated responsibility to be an authority for other candidates for successful identification. Open the frame "talking". Give your name and password, write a new message. You can do it without changing your data and lose your power. Try to give good advices to those who can not stand the struggle for life.

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