- is an interactive web site of the virtual artist Namniyas Ashuratova.
The body of the site is a composition of some independent net projects united by the common theme "interactive art". All projects invite the visitor to take part at the creation of the common artwork.
represents a system, which allows each user to compile it with new lexical items and their definitions. In the beginning the Lexicon is an empty envelope that contains the interactive engine which defines the mode of communication between the user and the Lexicon.
This project is an attempt to use aggression and hate as a material for an artwork. Visitors can define what exactly they hate or are afraid of. The unique gallery of enemies represents the most popular enemy stereotypes. Visitors can vote for their favourite enemy with a mouse click on their enemy's portrait.
Visitors can choose different psychological features or social phenomena they find most attractive and important. They can define the set of symbols identifying their personality. An international identification jury evaluates these data and gives a mark to every visitor (power of identification index). The origin of marks cannot be explained. The principles of evaluation are unknown and can be changed from time to time. Maybe the jury is lead by political correctness or ethnic hatred - who knows?
Would anybody dare to bring his / her contribution to the collection of famous words by great people? Unfortunately everything has already been said, it's hardly possible to add anything new. Any statement one makes, whether exquisitely clever or infinitely stupid, has already been pronounced by Goethe, Dante or Shakespeare. So we can assert with certainty that random notes of random visitors are nevertheless quotations from the genii.
VIRTUAL MANEGE (russian only)
Elections of the most disgusting character in the modern Russian art.
da-da-net'99 second prize, nomination 'contemporary art' (EPS)
trash-art'99  first prize, nomination 'radical conformist project' (EPS)
art on the net'2000 honourable mention (SIS)
SXSW'2000 best user interaction (EPS)
This site radically breaks principles of political correctness
and can be interpreted as a rousing of racial, religious and national hatred.
For adults with stable state of mind only. Crude, vulgar language is used.